Michelangelo’s Pizzeria: Twenty Percent off for Twenty Years of Loyalty

Michelangelo’s Pizzeria: Twenty Percent off for Twenty Years of Loyalty

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019, marks the 20th anniversary of Michelangelo’s Pizzeria. On that day, anyone who comes in to order a meal will get 20 percent off the tab. This includes beverages, as long as food is ordered.

JR Rosales took a significant risk when he opened the restaurant twenty years ago. He was in his fifties and had an excellent job with a steady income.

“Everyone said we wouldn’t make it, not in Clovis,” he says. “I had six kids, good benefits, but this is what I wanted to do,” he said about leaving his previous job and having faith it would all work out. “We didn’t do any advertising… it was all by word of mouth. We treat people like family. We’re surrounded by very nice people, and we’ve had the support of the community. We’re very blessed.”

JR met his wife, Rita, in Fresno. They have been married for over 46 years, and she works alongside him. “Without her, I couldn’t make it,” he says. At various times, his children have all worked in the restaurant. Having a strong work ethic is vital to JR.

“I work 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. a day, 6 days a week,” he says. “I enjoy every day of my life, age is just a number.”

Over the years, he’s helped young adults by giving them jobs. 

“When they come into work, I want them to find me and say, ‘hi’, let me know they’re here,” he says. “That’s very important.”

Asked for advice he could pass on, JR responded with a twinkle in his eye, “You need a good sense of humor. You don’t work just for work…money will come. Find a job you love to do. If you’re not busy, you’ll kick the bucket!”

Michelangelo’s is located at 619 Woodworth Ave., Clovis, (559) 322.1666. An online menu is available at MClovis.com.

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