Programs & Services

The City of Clovis Economic Development Department offers services to businesses considering expansion and/or relocation to the region, existing businesses in Clovis, and start-up and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Expansion & Relocation services

The Economic Development Department strives to create a vibrant business community.  Our Community boasts a variety of diverse spaces for commercial, industrial and retail users.  The City of Clovis is a proud team that supports our local business, these services are provided by:

Planning & Development Services Department

The City of Clovis Planning and Development Department supports area businesses through its planning, building and engineering divisions. Services include planning, engineering reviews and final approval.

Building Division

The City of Clovis Building Division is responsible for the safe regulation of design, construction, use, accessibility, location, and maintenance of buildings within the City.

Economic Development Department

Businesses opening, expanding in or relocating to Clovis may contact the City’s Business Development Manager to learn more about effectively and efficiently opening and operating their business in Clovis.

Fresno County Economic Development Corporation

The Fresno County EDC was established to promote the relocation, retention and expansion of businesses in Fresno County. The EDC’s services include site selection assistance and business facilitation services.

Existing Business SErvices

The Economic Development Department is committed to addressing the needs of existing businesses in Clovis. We recognize the importance of our businesses and want to see them grow, expand and thrive. Our services include helping business owners overcome economic difficulties and assisting them with expansion. Other local services are provided by:

City of Clovis Business Regulations

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with requirements for safety, promotions and other needs.

U.S. Small Business Administration

The Fresno District Office is responsible for the delivery of SBA's many programs and services the County of Fresno and the entire Central California region.

Central Valley SBDC

The Central Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC) promotes the development, growth and success of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Fresno, Tulare and Kings Counties.

Fresno County EDC Business Expansion, Attraction, & Retention (BEAR)

The EDC’s BEAR Action Network program is designed to enhance the stability and growth of existing companies by connecting them with specific resources, information, and services.

Start-Up & Entrepreneurial Programs

The Economic Development Department is committed to assisting in the creation of new business ideas in the City of Clovis. We offer concierge services to new businesses and a step-by-step guide for starting a business in Clovis. For a complete guide to starting your business in Clovis, follow these four basic steps: