Small Business Saturday: Do Your Part and Shop Smart

Small Business Saturday: Do Your Part and Shop Smart

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Nov. 24 of this year marks the 9th annual Small Business Saturday.

The American shopping holiday started on Nov. 27, 2010 by well-known credit card company American Express.

The goal? To help small businesses gain more exposure during what was later termed the “Great Recession.”

It seems to have worked. Last year, 108 million shoppers spent a whopping $12.9 billion at mom and pop shops across the country.

“Shop Small” and “Buy Local” are two phrases that are are very important to a town like Clovis for a plethora of reasons.

First: Clovis, and the Central Valley as a whole, has a culture that is synonymous with agriculture.

That means “buying local” is supporting growers in your own town and getting the freshest produce money can buy.

Since I’ve moved here from the Bay Area, I have been buying nothing but Rosa Brothers milk. Why? Because when I open Google Maps on my phone, I can literally see that a quick trip from the 99 to the 43 will take me straight to the source of my delicious frothy beverage.

Second: “Shop Small” means more money in the pockets of small business owners in Clovis, who then funnel that same money back into the community.

This practice is called the “multiplier effect,” according to Fresno County Federal Credit Union.

Research by American Express “estimates that about 68 cents of every dollar spent in local shops stays at home.”

And not only that, but when you spend money at a local small business you are also paying local taxes which in turn support local schools and other important services like firefighters and police.

According to Business Wire, “at the local level, Small Business Saturday is fueled each year by grassroots activities organized by Neighborhood Champions.”

Neighborhood Champions are considered small businesses, business associations, local chambers of commerce and other community organizers that rally their communities to celebrate Small Business Saturday.

Shawn Miller, business development manager for the city of Clovis said the city will continue with its “Big Wins Day” event.

As an offshoot of Small Business Saturday, he said it’s another citywide incentive to drive business to Clovis.

The Business Organization of Old Town isn’t doing anything specific for the event but Nov. 15 marks this year’s “One Enchanted Evening.” The pre-holiday event brings a lot of people to Old Town, according to event and membership coordinator Wendy Ulrich.

“People are very excited to come down and fill out cards for raffle,” she continued. “Raffle entries give you the chance to win ‘Old Town Script,’ which is like monopoly money that can be spent anywhere in Old Town Clovis.

“There are a few new businesses that have opened, so it’s good for people to come out and investigate what’s new in Old Town.”

In 2017, there were more than 7,200 Neighborhood Champions (a 7 percent increase from 2016) across all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and some U.S. territories — engaging an estimated 2.2 million small businesses to participate in the event, Business Wire wrote.

So remember: Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop Clovis this holiday season to help keep the community vibrant and thriving.

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