Retention & Expansion

The City of Clovis’ Business Retention and Expansion Program is based on a strong relationship between the Business Community and the City of Clovis’ staff. We believe that open communication helps local government understand the needs of the individual businesses and keeps business owners informed on plans, programs and services that may effect or benefit the success of their success.

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Site Visitations

The cornerstone of the City of Clovis’ Retention and Expansion Program is Site Visitations. Staff is happy to meet with business owners or managers to discuss needs of the business, to discuss plans of the City, or to provide information on other services that might be available by other local, state or federal agencies. To schedule an appointment, please call Shawn Miller at (559) 325-2083.

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Concierge Services

The City of Clovis understands that it can be difficult and confusing to navigate through the rules, regulation and paperwork that are sometimes required for growth and expansion. The City of Clovis has developed a Concierge Services Program that is designed to help guide you through the system. During this process, staff will assist you as much, or as little as you need. To discuss your project, please call Shawn Miller at (559) 324-2083.


Site Location Services

When you need additional space, or are ready to expand your business, please check out a complete list of available property in Clovis HERE

If you need a little extra help in finding the right place, or have questions, or require additional information, please call Shawn Miller at (559) 324-2083.