Valley Students are Flocking to Clovis Pharmacy Program

Valley Students are Flocking to Clovis Pharmacy Program

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California Health Science University in Clovis celebrated a recruiting milestone as school leaders welcomed their newest class of pharmacy students this term.

Nearly 80% of the students just beginning their studies at the privately-funded university are from the Central Valley, school officials announced. The new cohort of 68 students brings total enrollment in CHSU’s Doctor of Pharmacy degree program to 256.

The school is now in its sixth year.

“This (achievement) directly supports the university’s mission to provide health care education to local students and empower them to serve their community as future health care providers,” said Dr. Wendy Duncan,  dean of pharmacy for CHSU.

Pathway Partnerships Assist with Transition

Thirteen of the local students began their studies at Clovis Community College, while three others attended Fresno Pacific University. CHSU’s College of Pharmacy has partnered with both colleges to develop pathway programs to aid their students in making the transition into the four-year pharmacy school.

In addition, 36 students in the new class were accepted from California State University and University of California campuses.

“Our initial pathway programs have proven vital to help students reduce the time and cost of their higher education,” said Florence Dunn, president of CHSU. She said the university is working to expand its pathway partnerships to other undergraduate programs across the Valley.

Students Receive Their White Coats

CHSU welcomed its incoming students with a “White Coat” ceremony on Sept. 28 at the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall. Each incoming student was fitted with a traditional laboratory coat at the event to symbolize their entry into the health care field.

The CHSU College of Pharmacy opened in 2014 and has graduated two classes of Doctor of Pharmacy students to date. The university is also accepting applications for its new College of Osteopathic Medicine program, which will open in 2020.

Disclosure: Privately funded CHSU was founded by the Assemi family of Fresno. GV Wire’s publisher, Darius Assemi, is a member of the CHSU board of trustees.

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